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23/07/2013 10:03

Review of "Stop Dead" by Leigh Russel

01/05/2013 10:41
This is the first of Leigh Russel’s novels that I have read, and it will probably be the last. The story was pretty average, the plot struggled to remain credible. I really struggled to keep on reading this novel. The characters are unremarkable, and Geraldine Steel, for all her...

Review of "Foxes On The Run" - by Di Blackmore-Heal.

24/03/2012 10:17
Hi Trevor, a big thumbs up to Foxes on the Run. I thoroughly enjoyed it . More please.

Review of "Foxes On The Run" - by Lynn Snyman

29/02/2012 20:40
An excellent, riveting and jovial read! ..... a genuine recommendation for a few hours of nostalgic (and mischievous!) fun in the 70s!

Review of "Foxes On The Run" by Steve Wodhall

25/02/2012 08:44
If you liked Spud you'll love it. A real bit of South African nostalgia!

Review of "Foxes On The Run" by Adele Morrison

25/02/2012 08:40
What I loved is the honesty of your writing and the ability to transport back to those halcyon days we all experienced in SA years ago !  Take care and keep writing !!!

Review of "Foxes On The Run" by Mark Robinson

24/02/2012 22:57
Your book was excellent - very well written and heaps of fun...and pretty wild! :)  It was great to read all the Saffa slang - you guys have as much slang as we do! lol.  I was particularly impressed by how well you structured the story.  I also liked the soundtrack idea.  I...