A Quick Read

Sample My Writing

19/05/2012 09:09
Read some short snippets from my published work, or from work in progress.

An exerpt from "Foxes On The Run," Chapter 1

19/05/2012 09:13
"I pulled on my faded, torn blue denim jeans, loose-fitting blue t-shirt and leather moccasins, pulled a comb through my shoulder-length hair, grabbed my bag of 8-track cassette tapes, wallet, and the bag into which I had jammed spare shirts, jeans, underwear and toiletries, and went into the...

When I Was Five I Could Fly

24/11/2012 12:39
When I was five years old, I could fly! I learnt this when I leapt off the roof of the indlu (house) that stood in our back garden, and landed some distance from where I had been standing when I jumped. This meant that I could fly. Well, not fly exactly, more like glide. Like the large,...

Fifty-Seven Miles

23/07/2013 09:18
Read an exceprt from the latest offering that I have started writing. It is called Fifty-Seven Miles, and it tells stories about some of the people who I encounter on my commute to work each day, and about incidents tha happen. In the book, I make up scenarios for various regulars who puctuate my...