About Me

This website is a showcase for my work as an author.

I am an independent writer and publisher. I have taken a decision to focus on publishing my work electronically, and have published my first e-book through Smashwords. I maintain a blog on Wordpress, and a Facebook writing Fan Page, and am connected to a variety of groups via Linkedin, and via a number of other book-focussed sites. I will provide links to these sites as I build the website, as a resource centre for my writing and my books.




Our users

Users of this site are readers of e-books, who have embraced technology in the form or e-readers, and the on-line offerings of independent, self-published authors.


I have created this site to be the front end, the window or showcase to the writing that I do. Modern trends towards having a presence on-line, are increasingly affecting the writing industry, and e-books, and the convenience of e-readers, are becoming widely accepted. Self-publishing e-books is a great way for aspiring authors to get their stories into the reading public without the exorbitant costs of publishing.

I have decided to focus on writing for the on-line or e-book markets. My first offering is to be found on these pages.