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Off on leave.

23/07/2013 09:15
I will be doing the English thing this August, and travelling on holiday. Well, almost. I am always astounded at why Englsih folks book expensive holidays to Europe,when there is so much in the British Isles to see. So I'll be seeing a small part of England, with Carol, when we travel down to...

When I was 5 I Could Fly!

04/11/2012 08:48
My new novella/memoir is ready to be e-published. Working on producing a cover. Watch this space!

Novel-writing Month

04/11/2012 08:46
This month I have to write a 50 000 word novel in the National Novel Writing Month contest. 

New event

19/02/2012 16:25
21st February - My novel "Foxes On The Run" is approved for the Premium Catalogue on Smashwords