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The Anonymity of Celebrity.

05/08/2013 08:54
I have joined, and subsequently left, a number of e-book publishing and writer-interaction sites on the internet in the past two years. I am not a joiner, and went through the process of joining, integrating, and participating, as research for books that I have in mind to write.   What I...

Peter John's Book on Obooko

23/07/2013 10:03

Fifty-Seven Miles

23/07/2013 09:18
Read an exceprt from the latest offering that I have started writing. It is called Fifty-Seven Miles, and it tells stories about some of the people who I encounter on my commute to work each day, and about incidents tha happen. In the book, I make up scenarios for various regulars who puctuate my...

Off on leave.

23/07/2013 09:15
I will be doing the English thing this August, and travelling on holiday. Well, almost. I am always astounded at why Englsih folks book expensive holidays to Europe,when there is so much in the British Isles to see. So I'll be seeing a small part of England, with Carol, when we travel down to...

Writing up a storm

23/07/2013 09:01
I have four pieces of writing 'live' at the moment, and an edit of a novella written by my friend Peter John. The four pieces are, in no particualr order, a biography of my father, a biogrpahy of my mother, a short piece about the events and people who I encounter on my 57-mile commute to work...

A new Prince

23/07/2013 08:59
Yesterday a new Prince was born. The son of the second-in-line to the throne, Prince William, and his wife Kate, the boy has taken Britain by storm. Congratulations to the Royal couple.

Review of "Stop Dead" by Leigh Russel

01/05/2013 10:41
This is the first of Leigh Russel’s novels that I have read, and it will probably be the last. The story was pretty average, the plot struggled to remain credible. I really struggled to keep on reading this novel. The characters are unremarkable, and Geraldine Steel, for all her...

When I Was Five I Could Fly

24/11/2012 12:39
When I was five years old, I could fly! I learnt this when I leapt off the roof of the indlu (house) that stood in our back garden, and landed some distance from where I had been standing when I jumped. This meant that I could fly. Well, not fly exactly, more like glide. Like the large,...

NaNoWriMo 2012

24/11/2012 12:20
My Nano Challenge for 2012 is done. I completed the 50000 word challenge in just 22 days, and feel good about the result. And what's more, it was fiction, which is a first for me! I won't be finishing the novel at once, it can sit and breathe for while, so watch this space!

When I Was Five I Could Fly

18/11/2012 17:52
My newest book, titled "When I Was Five I Could Fly" is now available on Smashwords. Please take a look, and buy!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Use the link below
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