Foxes On The Run

21/02/2012 22:38

In November of 2011 I took the plunge, and took part in a madcap venture known to participants as NaNoWriMo, an acronym for "National Novel Writing Month."

This global event gets writers of all descriptions to write a novel of no less than 50 000 words in one month, and to submit it to the organisers. There are no prizes, no edits or reviews, the aim is to get people to write. It is great fun, tiring and very challenging, but fun!

The idea for my novel "Foxes On The Run" had been in the back of my mind for some time, and the NaNo event gave me the perfect opportunity to try to write it. I finished the manuscriot in record time, 50000 words in less than 3 weeks, and was so pleased with it that I spent the next few months editing, formatting and preparing the MS into e-book format.

The result is my first published novel, now in many e-book stores, published through Smashwords.

The novel is a long memoir. The events really took place, the people are real, and the twists and turns are real, not engineered for good structure and form. I love it, and I loved writing it. Have a read. Go to the Links To My Books page on this website, buy and download it, you wont regret it for a moment. I promise!