Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website. It is about writing, books, especially e-books that I have written and published, and which I know you will enjoy reading. It is also about  short stories, many of which are anecdotal, many of which are about my experiences or the experiences of my friends and family. Many will be stranger, and certainly more interesting than fiction.

I will try to make sure that the links to my e-books are easy to access, and to open, so that you can enjoy your reading.

My writing is mainly non-fiction, but I will, from time to time, try my hand at fiction and other genres.

I write honestly and simply, and I hope that you will come back to my site to look up my books because of this.

I used to publish online with Smashwords, so my books could be found on the sites of the major stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. The tax-avoidance philosophies of these organistions, however, goes against my principles, so I have withdrawn my books from their sites, and from Smashwords, and will find other outlets for their publication. 

Visitor's notice

I am always happy to host visitors on this site, and I value your comments, your input on the website, or  reviews of my books or short stories. Please feel free to visit, bring your cup of coffee with you, sit down and relax, and let me entertain you for a short while.

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The Anonymity of Celebrity.

05/08/2013 08:54
I have joined, and subsequently left, a number of e-book publishing and writer-interaction sites on the internet in the past two years. I am not a joiner, and went through the process of joining, integrating, and participating, as research for books that I have in mind to write.   What I...

Writing up a storm

23/07/2013 09:01
I have four pieces of writing 'live' at the moment, and an edit of a novella written by my friend Peter John. The four pieces are, in no particualr order, a biography of my father, a biogrpahy of my mother, a short piece about the events and people who I encounter on my 57-mile commute to work...

A new Prince

23/07/2013 08:59
Yesterday a new Prince was born. The son of the second-in-line to the throne, Prince William, and his wife Kate, the boy has taken Britain by storm. Congratulations to the Royal couple.

NaNoWriMo 2012

24/11/2012 12:20
My Nano Challenge for 2012 is done. I completed the 50000 word challenge in just 22 days, and feel good about the result. And what's more, it was fiction, which is a first for me! I won't be finishing the novel at once, it can sit and breathe for while, so watch this space!

When I Was Five I Could Fly

18/11/2012 17:52
My newest book, titled "When I Was Five I Could Fly" is now available on Smashwords. Please take a look, and buy!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Use the link below www.smashwords.com/books/view/256289

NaNoWriMo 2012

10/11/2012 08:03
In less than 2 weeks I have written ‎22000 words written in the 2012 NaNoWriMo contest. The story is strong, and developing nicely. That leaves 28000 words still to write though! 

Novel-Writing Month

04/11/2012 08:42
  November last year saw me write a 50021 word novella in the NanoWriMo contest. The book was called "Foxes on The Run," and I went on to edit and publish it through Smashwords, and it saw some sales. I also had 10 hard copies printed by CreateSpace, so the NaNoWriMo contest was a big...

Aspiring Writers on Linkedin

13/05/2012 14:32
There is a pretty good writers group on Linkedin at www.linkedin.com/groups/Aspiring-Writers-2256570?gid=2256570&trk=anet_ug_parent Take a look at it. There is also a specific group where members can promote their books. This is really good social networking.      

"Foxes" hard copies

14/04/2012 10:41
One of the spin-offs from having completed the NaNoWriMo novel-writing competition in 2010, was having 5 free copies of the edited novel printed by CreateSpace. My five copies, with a different cover, have been printed and delivered. It's good to see the book! It is large format, soft-covered,...

"Foxes On The Run" Soundtrack

24/03/2012 10:19
Lots of people have mentioned how they like the idea of a soundtrack to my novel. When I was writing the book I included extracts from the songs in the text, but then discovered that this infringed copyright laws, and that I could be liable for payment of big sums of money to the rights-holders....
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